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Big Ben Will Need To Take A Pay Cut If He Wants To Return To Steelers In 2021 According To Team President

What an offseason lies ahead for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Will Big Ben be back? Will he retire? Looks like we got some strong indications as to how it'll play out from team president Art Rooney II on Thursday. Roethlisberger will make up $41 million of next year's salary cap as it would currently sit. Now we know it's one of three options: Big Ben takes pay cut, Big Ben retires, or Big Ben gets cut. 

That date comes in March for the Steelers and Roethlisberger to figure out which of the three options it will be. Personally I'd love to see the Steelers let Big Ben walk, save the money, then get really ballsy and mortgage this year's first along with next year's and probably another pick or two to trade up and get a guy at quarterback. 

This quarterback draft class has too many options. Don't want to be in quarterback purgatory for the next however many years. That won't happen, though. Big Ben will take the pay cut, the Steelers will stand pat at 24, take an o-lineman (which I'm A-OK with) and see if they can, once again, make one last push at it next year with Big Ben. 

If not, it looks like Steelers brass is perfectly fine with what they've seen from Mason Rudolph.