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Find Someone Who Loves You As Much As Draymond Green Loves James Wiseman

Remember not too long ago when Draymond Green was seen giving James Wiseman a teaching moment after he had a tough transition turnover? 

There were two ways to look at that moment. To some, this was simply a veteran player doing what he can to bring along a prized rookie. He talked about how Wiseman was going to be in that position again and now he'll be ready for it. A veteran putting in the effort and time to mold a future cornerstone player. 

Others took the stance that this really meant that Draymond was frustrated with Wiseman and that he was already a bust or basically the second coming of Andrew Bynum (which is a weird diss since Andrew Bynum was an 18/11 all star center on a championship winning team before a brutal knee injury but oh well) all because of that interaction with Draymond. 

Well, fast forward to the other night. Would you look at that? There James Wiseman was in that exact situation that he fucked up earlier and guess what happened. He pulled it off flawlessly! Draymond said he was going to put him in that exact situation again and wants him ready, and it worked. Now Wiseman is gaining more and more confidence and look at how terrifying that is

Stuff like this is why I never understand why people hate on Draymond or can't understand what he's doing as a veteran leader on this team. When he yells at you on the court, it's because he cares. It's because he believes in your potential. James Wiseman panning out is pretty damn important to the future of this franchise and Draymond is playing a huge role in that development.

We would all be so lucky to have someone in our lives that is so invested in our success like Draymond is to Wiseman. You bet your ass it's going to work too. The thing about Draymond is he might get on your ass, but he's never going to ask you to do something he wouldn't do himself. When Draymond talks, he backs it up. I honestly can't think of a better player for Wiseman to learn under since he's this weird 7ft super athletic unicorn. Just imagine what he's going to look like on both ends after a few years of going to Draymond University.

Kid is going to be an absolute beast.