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Taylor Swift Surrenders And Apologizes To Nicki Minaj

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I’ll admit, when I first saw this tweet I was pretty disappointed. Never surrender, never quit… that’s the Twitter war motto. But, now that I think about it? I love it. It’s why Taylor is my perfect wife. How many times has your girlfriend been in a stupid fight, bitching about nothing and all you keep thinking is Oh my god, babe, just fucking drop it. Move on. It doesn’t matter at all. Oh, every single time? Well Taylor listens to you and drops it. She knows she was right. She knows Nicki was talking about her. But she doesn’t care. She’d rather leave it be and get back to living her life of putting out bangers, making awesome videos and selling out stadiums. That’s why Taylor is bae. You want me to stop whining about that girl at work who you don’t know or care about? Ok sweetheart, let me serenade you real quick then let’s have sex. <3 <3 <3