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If You Think Today Is Crazy, You Have to Read About the Guy Who Started Piggly Wiggly Taking on Wall Street by Himself

Wall Street is all anybody can talk about today. We have a subreddit threatening to take down the entire stock market and now we have the suits fighting back with tactics of questionable legality at best, all to prevent the common man from winning. It's fascinating theatre.

Well if you think this is insane, I'd like to introduce you to a man by the name of Clarence Saunders. The thread above — possibly the longest Twitter thread ever written, by the way — tells the story of how the guy who started Piggly Wiggly literally took on the behemoth of Wall Street by himself. It's one of the more interesting stories I've read recently. It's a long thread, so I'm going to give everybody a minute to read it and then come on back.

... Ok, is everybody back? How crazy was that shit?! You wanna talk about a guy that you don't want to fuck with.

But much like what seems to be happening right now, Clarence ended up losing to the assholes who just make up the rules as they go along. Then it was extending whatever deadlines were necessary to help the Wall Street bigwigs, now it's just shutting down trading on the free market. There is no way for the little man to win, even if the little man has enough money to pack his bags for New York City and buy enough shares — of his own company — to beat the suits. It's bullshit.

Hopefully all the fine people from r/WallStreetBets end up in a better position after all this than Saunders did. The suits are shaking right now.