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Little Mexico/Panama Soccer Fan Brawl At The Georgia Dome Last Night




Not the best brawl video (that’s an understatement, it really sucked) but I’m writing this blog for one and only one reason. This guy.


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.15.11 AM



If you’re a “wear wife beater in public” type of guy you HAVE to get involved in a brawl. This isn’t a toss up question or a “depends on the situation”. It’s a mandate. The sporting event eco-system depends on it. There are 3 type of guys that always need to get in the mix. 1. Neck Tattoos 2. Wife Beater guys and 3. Sunglasses on the back of the head guys (different from Bagwell’s sunglasses in front party vibe). That’s it, that’s the list. Others can join in but those 3 type of people have to be involved always. Otherwise what’s even the point of going to a Mexico/Panama soccer match dressed like that? The answer is there isn’t one, there is no point, stereotypes die because of guys like that, and that’s tragic, because stereotypes are what I base 90% of my knowledge on.