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What's happening today is legit the most insane thing ever. The big every-day-Joe trading Apps are not letting casual investors buy what they are calling the "Reddit stocks"- namely GME, AMC, and NOK. I have a big time position in AMC so to say I am less than thrilled and losing a lot of money would be an understatement. I just..I just cannot believe what they are doing is legal. They are legitimately shutting down what they call "retail traders" aka us, but still allowing Wall Street to do whatever the fuck they want. They are stealing money from us to give to the suits at the hedge funds. It's terrible. We didn't lose, they rigged the game against us.

I don't know what is going to happen. Can they just, not let us buy stocks that will make us rich forever? I mean shit, even Dave and AOC are about to responsibly make out because of this.



I honestly can't (but should) believe this is happening. Robinhood turned on the people. It's all so gross. We finally found a way to even the playing field and they took their deep pockets and flipped the playing field the other way.

So now I guess I'm just holding this AMC bag forever. I'm not selling for a big loss, and I'm not selling to let the suits win. It's such a fucking sick situation. 

This is just fucking absurd. I guess I've learned some lessons about taking profit or whatever, but the fact Robinhood is doing this to the people simply has to be criminal.



Where are the regulators now? I don't get it. Wall Street can short 140% of a stock but we can't buy it? How is that real?

Wall Street had no problem with the system until the rest of the world showed up. Now all of a sudden the system doesn't work? You know what doesn't work? When hedge fund managers take your money and invest it into shitty investments, lose your money, and still take a commission. That's the system we have. This whole thing sucks. 

I'm holding AMC until the day I die. I don't care if they are the next Blockbuster. I will never sell. Fuck Robinhood.