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The Best Story In College Hoops Got Better: Drake Is Now 15-0 Straight Up AND 13-0 ATS Thanks To This Disgusting Dunk

In terms of college basketball tier 1 teams are Baylor and Gonzaga. They are starting to run away from everyone and we're getting to the point where everyone is asking Baylor and Gonzaga vs the field. Shit, on KenPom the difference of number 2 Gonzaga to number 3 Michigan is the same as Michigan to No. 17 West Virginia. But in terms of college basketball betting? 

There's only 1 team that is tier 1. The Drake Bulldogs. They are a goddamn wagon. 

It's more than just betting with Drake. They are just fucking good, man. They are 15-0 overall, 54th on KenPom and NINTH in the NET. Pretty ridiculous to see a MVC team doing this. Don't get me wrong, they didn't have a great nonconference schedule or anything, winning at Kansas State and sweeping South Dakota as the highlights. But 15-0, is 15-0. I don't care who you are that matters, especially this  year. 

Why do I say especially this year? Two main reasons. First, there's an extra at-large bid this year with no Ivy League auto bid. This could potentially save Drake if they get upset in the MVC Tournament, something we see happen OFTEN in that league. You don't just walk into Arch Madness and leave with a win. They are projected to finish the season 24-3 with being dogs just twice - both to Loyola Chicago. We're looking at a possible multi-bid MVC. Loyola is 24th on KenPom and 25th in the NET. That's good enough to get two teams in the NCAA Tournament. The second reason? Mid-majors and unconventional teams need to take advantage with teams like Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, etc all sucking. Bids that go to those teams are going to go somewhere else. 

If you haven't watched Drake play yet, I highly suggest it. They are the 5th best shooting team in the country although they don't shoot a ton of threes. They have one of the best defenses in the country and rebound their ass off. They have 5 guys averaging over 8 points per game and no one over 14.5. Good luck game planning against a team like that. 

And back to that play last night. Guess what the line was? 4. Guess what the final score was: 

Yep that disgusting dunk mattered. That's how you stay undefeated. You don't just wait for a foul. No, you dunk on their ass and send the bench into a frenzy. There's a reason they are +1150 on the Barstool Sportsbook right now to make the Final Four. There's a reason they have the same odds as LSU, Rutgers and Colorado. That's how good this team is. They are the best thing going in college hoops right now. They are must watch and damn near close to must bet.