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Imagine Watching Roger Clemens Strike Out 15 In A One-Hit Shutout And Not Voting Him Into The Hall Of Fame

Continuing with the theme from yesterday, idiot baseball writers not putting in all time greats. Today it's Roger Clemens. Rocket took the mound for the Yanks in the 2000 ALCS vs the Mariners in Game 4. Yanks were up 2-1 and turned to Roger to make it 3-1, easy work for Clemens. All he did was punch out 15, walk 2, allow 1 hit, and 0 runs in a 5-0 win over Seattle. Funny thing is, this may not even make the top 3 games list. That happens when you have a couple 20 K games under your belt. He was dominating, he was intimidating, he was mean, he could pump it by you, he could do it all. 7-time Cy Young award winner, MVP in 1986, 11-time All Star, and like I said yesterday, arguably the greatest pitcher of all time. People kind of laughed at that, but I'm yet to hear a compelling argument for another guy. Pedro, maybe. Possibly. But I think I'm sticking with Roger for now. Much like the case with Bonds, it's a sham and disgusting that Roger isn't in Cooperstown. At the end of the day, it's a museum for people to go to and learn about baseball, Clemens deserves a spot there and you can't deny that. Even if he did have the frosted tips. Nice little fist pump by Roger there too, kind of got me fired up.