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We've Got a Virtual Experience For The 760 MPH Hyperloop By 'Virgin' And It Looks Awesome

I feel like we've heard about the hyperloop high speed train system for almost a decade now. Well, Virgin has finally released a virtual passenger experience of what it's going to look like traveling through a tube at speeds upwards of 760 mph. Since I have a small brain I assumed you had to be tied to the wall and unable to move around while this minuscule contraption that just shoots you across the country. Turns out that's not the case at all and it'll be like you're on a normal airplane or train. Sign me up!!

The whole concept of a hyperloop train could legit change the world as we know it. You can commute to work from distances that were legit impossible in the past. Imagine going from San Francisco to LA every day because of these things? Wanna just head on over to Chicago real quick from NYC? Be there in an hour and a half tops. Is this going to be ready tomorrow? Of course not, but progress has been made and they're certainly getting there. 

It’s a futuristic mode of transportation that won’t begin commercial operations until at least 2030, according to Virgin.

But it has made some headway with the technology. A first passenger test of the system back in November managed to accelerate two Virgin Hyperloop execs to a speed of 107 mph in just 6.25 seconds. -Futurism

I'm sure there are engineers and scientists watching that video spotting all the impossibilities and filling up their notes pad laughing away. I'm not here to bring scientific thought into the conversation. I just think this looks fucking awesome and maybe, just maybe I'll live to see the day where this is part of everyday society. 

P.S. Any kind of concept art or videos instantly make something look that much more incredible. The concept art for sports stadiums are always jaw dropping. My tiny brain will never think those aren't cool.