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Asia's Most Wanted Man Dubbed "Bigger Drug Dealer Than Chapo" Has Been Arrested in Amsterdam

The global drug dealer known as the "El Chapo of Asia" has been arrested in Amsterdam. Big fuckin news in the global drug trade world. This guy makes Walter White look like a fucking corner boy. He's Gus Fring x100

Tse Chi Lop is the biggest fish of them all, once said to be bigger than El Chapo and Pablo Escobar. Back in 2018, it was estimated he made 9-18 BILLION dollars a year selling meth and other synthetics. 

Authorities said that Tse, 57, is the leader of Sam Gor Syndicate, which allegedly dominates the $70 billion-a-year Asia-Pacific drug trade 

and according to Reuters…Police and analysts said the syndicate drove a rapid expansion of crystal-methamphetamine trafficking in the region, which increased fourfold in the five years to 2019. The syndicate also manufactured heroin and has been a major player in the global market for MDMA, a euphoric party drug also known as ecstasy, police say. 

He is a Chinese national but emigrated to Canada in the late 80s.  Crazy enough as we coming up in the game in 1998, Tse Lop spent time in an Ohio federal prison after he tried to traffic drugs into the US. He was part of a gang called the Big Circle Boys and they formed a group with other Chinese Triad gangs to create an alliance in the global drug trade. They then began working with different Yakuza rivals and put away years of feuds and violence by doing business and making big money.

In places like Myanmar where the meth, ketamine and fentanyl trades have taken off in the Golden Triangle, production is basically guarded by private groups and militias and is controlled by Sam Gor, which Tse Lop is the head of. 

Reuters also described that 

The Kaung Kha militia’s immaculate and expansive new headquarters sits on a plateau nestled between the steep green hills of the jagged Loi Sam Sip range. About six kilometers away, near Loikan village, was a sprawling drug facility carved out of thick forest. Police and locals say the complex churned out vast quantities of crystal meth, heroin, ketamine and yaba tablets - a cheaper form of meth that is mixed with caffeine. When it was raided in early 2018, security forces seized more than 200,000 liters of precursor chemicals, as well as 10,000 kg of caffeine and 73,550 kg of sodium hydroxide - all substances used in drug production.

The wholesale price of a kilo of crystal meth produced in northeastern Myanmar is as little as $1,800, according to a UNODC report citing the China National Narcotics Control Commission. Average retail prices for crystal meth, according to the UN agency, are equivalent to $70,500 per kilo in Thailand, $298,000 per kilo in Australia and $588,000 in Japan. For the Japanese market, that’s more than a three-hundred-fold mark-up. 

Holy fuck… that's crazy money. 

He was said to be a degenerate gambler, loved betting horses and on table games as well and was said to have lost 66 million in ONE NIGHT and would travel with kickboxers as body guards. He loved lavish parties, and beautiful cars.

He was a global drug playboy.

The only gambling he will do now for rest of his day is in a prison somewhere in Asia. The problem is this won't really disrupt much. As Carver said in the Wire about the drug war. "You can't even call it a war… wars end."