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Congrats To "The Baddest Chick On Planet Earth" Halsey On Being Pregnant


Halsey has been named the "Baddest Chick On Planet Earth" by Barstool Sports writer John Henry Feitelberg, 



and she has absolutely lived up to that. You see a girl like Halsey and you just want her to run you over with her car, repeatedly. 

And now, the baddest chick on planet earth has found herself with child.



I wonder who the father is? I know it's not me, so that narrows it down. She tagged this fella Alev Aydin in the pictures, so I guess he is the odds on favorite. Who is that guy? 


P 6- While she is yet to name the baby’s father, the “Bad at Love” songstress tagged Alev Aydin in her pregnancy announcement on Instagram Wednesday. And he in turn reposted a picture of the singer’s pregnancy photoshoot with two red heart emojis on his Instagram Story. Aydin, a writer and producer has worked on independent projects including “Small Shots,” and “Controller.” He’s also someone who clearly worships lauded directors with Instagram posts praising French director Jean-Luc Godard and Martin Scorsese.


Some try-hard director? BOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry, primal instinct. If you get the baddest chick on the planet pregnant, I have to boo you, them's the rules. 

But hey, let's all be adults here. Let's send our sweetest of congrats to Halsey and fuck boi on their baby. I mean and Alev Aydin.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!