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Pro Tip: Before You Do a Live TV Interview, Check Your Background Shelves for Stray Dildos

Daily Mail - A woman has suffered the ultimate zoom background blunder after appearing on BBC Wales Today with a very rude object placed on the shelf behind her during her interview.

Yvette Amos appeared on the Welsh news programme on Tuesday evening to discuss her experiences of unemployment during the pandemic.

However, eagle-eyed viewers found their eyes being drawn to the items on the shelf behind the guest - and were left in stitches after finding an apparent sex toy placed next to her books and board games. ...

One person claimed Yvette is a friend of hers and wouldn’t mind the clip of her explicit object going viral. 

Elisha said on Twitter: 'This is my old mate. She won’t batter an eyelid she’s gone a bit viral, she’s a laidback hippy.' 

Here's hoping this Elisha person on Twitter is right and that this doesn't phase Yvette Amos in the slightest. Because honestly, what has she got to be embarrassed about? That now the whole world knows what tool she reaches for when she's got a job to do? The kind of instrument she uses when she's playing a solo? That she prefers 'em lifelike as opposed to some plastic missile-shaped robot part? 

I want to think she is, in fact, a laidback hippy who appreciates sharing that side of her with the public. At least it's something we can all enjoy, as opposed to the completely unnecessary 10 billionth TV segment about how various people are coping with quarantine. We know how they are. We've known it since the first phase of the first lockdown and the first such boring interview. People are masturbating more. At least Yvette Amos is proud to let her rubber, suction-cupped freak flag dong fly, unlike everybody else.

I think when all this is over - and at the rate we're going it should be behind us any decade now - we'll recognize that this was the way the world changed the most. We've got a power to give zero fucks about things that would've been a big deal before this began. We've lost all sense of privacy and let total strangers we'll never meet into our homes in ways no one thought possible. Like someone who's sick in a hospital and loses all pretense about anyone seeing their ass sticking out of a johnny or having conversations about their shits. Believe it or not, it was less than three years ago that that one guy being interviewed by the BBC went viral. Why? Because his kid burst into his home office in the middle of the discussion. 

At the time, that felt embarrassing. It was just real life, but you didn't see real life on live TV. Now you can't escape it. The only way a moment like that would go viral in 2021 would be if his wife popped in wearing a dominatrix outfit and started working him over with a whip and a strap on. And even then we'd all just say, "Meh. Good for him. They seem like a nice couple." 

So why not let an attractive, sexual woman like Yvette Amos leave her toy up there next to her books and board games. All her forms of lockdown recreation within arm's reach for when she needs them? Besides, it's not like dildos are some new invention. In Nathaniel Philbrick's book "In the Heart of the Sea," which is about the whaleship Essex being sunk by a whale (which inspired "Moby Dick,") he said that on Nantucket, they've discovered that a lot of homes were built with hiding places in the stone fireplaces for whaler's wives would hide what they called their "Wife's Friend." Made out of ivory or whale bone or whatever. Something to tide the old Quakers over while their husbands were out to sea for 18 months a time or so. It can't be any easier for woman trapped in her flat in Wales. And there is nothing new under the sun. Except now, you don't need to hide your friend in the fireplace. 

So you do you, Yette Amos. And I mean that in both uses of the term.