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People Are Going Nuts For Tony Romo Predicting A Bucs/Chiefs Super Bowl In Week 12 Despite Him Not Really Saying Anything

What am I missing here? If this is a prediction then nobody has ever been wrong in the history of guesses. Oh there's a better than good chance despite not giving a percentage? That's fake. That's bush league predictions. You know how you predict? You say something like it's going to be Gonzaga vs Baylor in the NCAA Tournament championship game because no one else can beat them. Bam, there's a prediction. You don't beat around the bush with your aww shucks, I don't know Jimmmmmm talk. No, you say something definitive. 

I even like Romo as an announcer. I always say I want one of two things - entertain me or teach me something new. Romo for sure teaches something with how he can break down a play or tip a play before it happens. I loved that in year 1. I still enjoy listening to him and Nantz call games. But this? This is nothing. Here I was thinking Romo definitively called this. He just beat around the bush. Have some balls for me one time, Tony. Make a real prediction in Week 12, you've seen plenty of games by that point.

Also was it really THAT tough of a prediction? Everyone and their mother had the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. The NFC was wide open and you're talking about a team that was 7-5 at the time going into the bye week with an easy ass 4 games to close. Not to mention they have Tom fucking Brady on the roster. Of course they were a popular pick to make the Super Bowl. It was pretty much guess between them, the Packers or the Saints. The Seahawks were in collapse mode, nobody was buying the Rams or Seahawks. The NFC East was, well, the NFC East. 

There's a slightly than better chance the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. I'll take all credit if it happens and expect a zillion likes. Thank you.