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The Barstool Fund - Eagle Pickle Works

Up next: Eagle Pickle Works (Maspeth, NY)

As NYC’s oldest pickle factory, Eagle Pickle Works was founded in 1888 in White Plains by two brothers who immigrated from Germany. Shortly after, it was passed to another family and moved to Maspeth in 1956 — and has been there since.

Eagle pickle works, or as our customers know us as our brand, Eddie’s Pickles, has been around since 1888. The business has stayed in our extended family since that time and we make the best pickles in the world. We are the original NYC pickle. We use barrel fermentation, and make the following varieties of pickles: half sour, sour, spicy sour, kosher dill and mustard. We also make world famous sauerkraut. Since our business relies heavily on the success of indoor dining restaurants, we have been hit hard by the pandemic and were dropped by several large customers who are themselves, suffering. We are unique because the art of barrel fermentation is fading. Please don’t let our company fail. It absolutely cannot.