This Robot Dog That Can Sense Human Emotions And Recognize A Human's Voice Can Get The FUCK Out Of My Face

[Source] - This new AI-powered robot dog can sense your emotions, and socially interact with its human owners. 

Koda's super-smart robot-pup can be seen performing all sorts of techy tricks in the company's latest launch video.

The shiny canine bot is designed to replicate the role of family pet and man's best friend, built with this special bond between humans and real dogs in mind. For example, it has been specially designed to socially interact with humans and can even sense your emotions.

Over time, the dog should be able to learn through experience and respond to their owner's feelings.


Who in the living fuck wants to replace real dogs? Those are the sort of people who need to be placed on an isolated island and away from humanity. You don't like dogs? You can fuck off, not even kindly fuck off. I never thought I'd use the words hate and dogs in the same sentence, but I hate these robot dogs. Oh these robot dogs can sense human emotions and understand human voices? You know who else can? My guy Oakley

You wanna replace that with THIS bullshit? 

I don't think so. You know what's an awesome feeling? The moment you get home somewhere and that dog is waiting at the door wagging it's tail and jumping around because all he wants to do is hang around you. Top-1 thing in the world. You think I trust a robot dog to understand my emotions? Fuck no. I trust my lab to know when Kentucky blows another goddamn game with a couple minutes left to come hang out and get a belly rub. 


Just the worst thing in the world. I can't think of anything worse than a robot dog or an owner of a robot dog. You want a dog? You go get a fucking real dog. Pooches are the best thing out there. Get the fuck out of my face with these things.