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The Barstool Fund - Herby K's (Thanks To Penn National Gaming)

Thank you to Penn National Gaming for their donation to help cover our next business, Herby K's (Shreveport, LA).

Operating since 1936, Herby-K’s is a family-eatery that serves delicious Cajun fare. Dig into authentic delicacies like Shrimp and Oyster Po Boys and Chicken and Sausage Gumbo at this family friendly place.



Reader Email

We are a small gem (off the beaten path) family owned restaurant that has been in business since 1936. We have never changed locations. During the Covid pandemic we had to close for 5 months. We are still currently at only 50% capacity, thankfully our amazing staff stayed on with us during the time we were closed. Some have been with our family for generations. The granddaughter of Herby K, Angela Doe, who has been the current owner for 4 years sadly passed away Sept 2020. Her mother, who passed down the restaurant, stepped in to keep the family business going. Times have been extremely hard the business was in debit when we opened back up from bills piling up, not being able to pay taxes, and losing our liquor licenses. Luckily Ms. Janet, Angela’s mom, was able to help with the taxes and licenses. We did not get approved for any of the PPP loans, but with faith and amazing support from our locals we have been able to keep going. At times we do wonder how we can go on, but we do because we are a family. The staff currently has 21 employees, since business is still only allowed 50% we can only work our staff part time. We do worry every week if we can make payroll but some how we do by the skin of our teeth and a smile on our face. I would also just like to say because I know my boss never will let me tell her but she is the strongest person that I have ever met. She not only has kept a family restaurant going after her mother in law passed, her husband was killed during a break in at the restaurant, and now losing her daughter during a pandemic, she still comes in this home (restaurant) everyday with a smile and' says "We have had some bad memories but we sure have made a lot of Great Ones. ." She is Herby Ks and She is a warrior.