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Dayton Pulls Off The Biggest Upset Of The Night, Immediately Starts To Talk Shit To St. Louis On Twitter

I know hearing Dayton beating St. Louis isn't shocking or anything like that, but it was by far the biggest upset of the night. Dayton was catching 9 but we saw through that. If you followed my picks blog last night you know exactly why we were on Dayton and the points. It was the first game for St. Louis in a month and it showed. 3-for-13 from three, fell behind early and had to use legs to come back. But Jalen Crutcher dropped 27. Because it's college sports, we got the dumbest thing in the world where someone changes a Wikipedia page. Seriously, is there something more played out than this 'joke'? 

Much better is this tweet from Dayton, just peer at the court

That's how you photoshop something. But the Arch Baron Cup didn't start in 2013 for no reason whatsoever. This is an A-10 rivalry we're talking about here. This is how you replace Dayton/Xavier as a rivalry. You don't just upset your rival as a 9 point dog and not talk shit. 

The A-10 is beyond weird this year. They really gotta learn how to do some bid collusion here. You have a ranked team in St. Louis, who should be an at-large team barring a disaster. Richmond lost to La Salle and trying to destroy its at-large hopes. St. Bonaventure just needs to play, they've only gotten 9 games in. Dayton lost to Fordham and La Salle. Fellas, learn how to bid collude or you know, the better teams just need to start showing up more. 

I will say this - I'm happy we're seeing more shit talking. Twitter is supposed to be a place to crack jokes and takes. I don't care if you're a sports team twitter account, fire off the jokes. Mock the shit out of teams you beat. There's no such thing as punching down on Twitter. If you beat Florida A&M, talk shit. If you beat your rival, talk shit. I just want to see hate in sports again.