In Honor Of The MLB Writers Not Voting Anyone Into Cooperstown, Here's 5 Minutes Of Barry Bonds Mammoth Bombs


Shoutout to the MLB HOF voters for being complete egotistical idiots last night and this whole offseason. As you know now they decided to vote in absolutely nobody. Not one soul. Not the greatest pitcher ever in Roger Clemens, not the best player ever in Barry Bonds, not one of the best defensive outfielders ever in Andruw Jones, no one. So in honor of them being morons, let's just sit back and watch 5 minutes of Barry Bonds, a man who should be in the hall, sending baseballs to the moon. Take away Ken Griffey Jr and there isn't a better swing on the planet. One year left on the ballot for Barry until he's off and it's in the hands of the Veterans Committee. Lettuce pray for 75% next season. Enjoy the Bonds' bombs.