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Obviously for starters this news would be a lot better if the Bears appropriately developed Mitch into a franchise quarterback. Like it's not rocket science to admit there's great content from a royal wedding and that's exactly what we'd have on our hands. Just imagine the pageantry and beauty we'd get to celebrate if Mitch was Our Guy the way Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes run their towns. No disrespect to Anthony Rizzo or Kris Bryant I'm just saying there's another level player-weddings get to and its reserved for the rockstar quarterback that owns the city. It's painful to say it's not Mitch no matter how bad I wanted it. This should be Chicago's wedding. 

That said, I'd be an idiot not to celebrate a gorgeous couple that's starring down the barrel of eternal matrimonial bliss. That's the most important thing here. Two physically flawless young adults who love each other enough to voluntarily commit to wedded union despite all the bullshit in the world today. From global pandemics to atrocious play-calling to that historically depressing offseason press conference... literally nothing can stop Mitch from moving his family life forward. To me, there's a lot of good vibes in this story once you get over the initial shock that we're not following the motorcade from Holy Name Cathedral down lake shore to Soldiers Field for an outdoor reception on the 50 yard line. That's the downside. 

The bright side? The future Mrs. Trubisky seems like a very nice young lady. 

Love is patient. 

Love is kind. 

Love is Mitch.