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Anna From The Bachelor Spread a Rumor That New Girl Brittany Is an Escort From Chicago

This is where we’re at in this season of The Bachelor. Matt James is practically not even apart of the show it’s just about the girls fighting in the house at this point. 5 new girls came in this week and right off the bat the first girl, Brittany, came in hot as fuck (literally) while making out with Matt in the first 10 seconds. This set the girls OFF. Mostly Anna though who started telling the girls that she “heard things” about Brittany and that they should “watch out” because she apparently hangs out with wealthy older men accusing her of being an escort.

Is Brittany an escort? She says she not but even if she was….who cares? The only reason Anna brought this up was because she was so threatened by how hot Brittany was that she immediately had to spread this rumor about her that she thought would take her down somehow. Which by the way, it shouldn’t and it won’t, because the only person who REALLY cared that much about the rumor was Victoria and if Victoria is agreeing and going along with anything you’re saying, you’re definitely wrong. What a SHITTY look for Anna to be buddying up with Victoria and claiming girls are escorts just because they’re hot. Both of them gotta go.

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