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The Most Jarring Stat About An All-Time Great Quarterback You'll Ever See

I didn't want to blog this to be honest. I hate kicking someone when they're down and Rodgers is most definitely down. What I'd rather do is just talk about where he will be playing next year and his tremendous generosity both with his time and money. $500k is absurdly generous and then on top of that he has taken a more direct approach and been in the videos and really helped raise awareness for the Barstool Fund which now over $30M raised for small business. 

That is what I wanted to talk about, but I keep getting tagged in this tweet so it needs to be addressed. Is Rodgers a front runner? I can't judge based on one simple stat even if that stat is about 42 different games over the length of his entire career. You'd think one of the most talented guys of all time would be able to lead a comeback one time against one good team. That hasn't been the case. Probably not his fault. Probably can put more of the blame on his teammates or coaches. I am sure that is what Rodgers would probably do, but again, I can't say for sure. I don't even want to speculate. I just want to talk about how much he could help the local community of wherever he ends up next year. Could he go to New England and combine with Portnoy to save the entire region? Probably. Could he go to the Colts and take them to that next level while donating to the good people of Indiana? I bet he'd do great there. Maybe the good people of the DMV could use a beacon of goodwill from a good QB. 

I am sure that people will probably have something negative to say about the Bears here. Well, this isn't about petty rivalries. I know Aaron Rodgers beats the shit out of the Bears. I am sure he has comeback wins against the Bears. They fall into that "shitty team" category and aren't going to be apart of the 0-42 stat. I wish Aaron Rodgers well in his future endeavors. Wherever he decides to go I am sure he will get that one good win against a good team when the game is on his shoulders. Has to happen for him at some point.