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New Footage Dropped From The Clouds Of Daft Punk's Full 2007 Lollapalooza Set, One Of The Best Concert Experiences Of All Time. BONUS - Top Daft Punk Songs Ranked

Your EDM - Daft Punk’s 2007 tour is unique in that it’s a current bucket list item for many fans who wish they could go back in time and witness these moments in person. However, with a new tour all but incredibly unlikely, we have to rely on old, found footage to truly relive these shows.

Thankfully, some new, previously uncirculated high quality footage has made its way online from their Lollapalooza 2007 performance. According to the notes at the beginning of the video, this footage was mixed live for the screens at the venue, so it’s a direct feed from front of house and in super high quality.

It’s the same set as their Coachella 2006 set, but the video quality is miles better quality than the spliced-together found footage from that show. The first of its kind stage production set the scene for all modern stage productions — watch it below!

People that electronic dance music please feel free to exit left.

This might have possibly made 2021. No joke. 

When you want to talk about all-time outer body musical or concert experiences this show is up there towards the very top. You can ask anybody that was there. 

No fucking cell phone cameras. No fucking video cameras. Just the hottest duo on the planet at the time jamming the fuck out for 90 minutes straight. 

It was a perfect 80 degree Chicago summer night. Not a cloud in the sky. And this was back before Lollapalooza had become completely overrun with tweens and teenagers running around in throwback nba jerseys and Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie.

You'll also notice this was on one of the main stages. Because Perry's was still just a tent back then with regular DJ's playing it. Not some giant spaceship with enough pyro and cryo to launch the next SpaceX rocket like it has become today. 

I don't think anybody stopped dancing, (or smiling) the entire 90 minutes. 

Which is probably why the set was lost forever. Until Sunday.


God bless the front of house guys that have been sitting on this for 14 years and just decided to leak it out this weekend. We needed it. It might just be the spark that turns this shitbox of a car around. 

p.s.- Hearing the frogs speak in french on the backline before this set started brought the biggest smile to my face. If that makes me a loser so be it. I love being able to relive memories like this. 

p.p.s. - Top 5 Daft Punk Songs -

5- "Da Funk"

4- "Digital Love"

3- "Harder Better Faster Stronger"

2- "Around The World"

1- "One More Time" - one of the best songs of all time. Simple as that.

1A - Stardust (Daft Punks Front Man Thomas Bangalter)   - "Music Sounds Better With You"