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Donovan Mitchell Really Thinks A Perfect PB&J Is 0% PB And 100% Jelly

Alex Goodlett. Getty Images.

You ever hear someone’s take and it makes you rethink everything you know about them?

Let me introduce you to Donovan “Spider” Mitchell of the Utah Jazz.

A few days ago, Overtime posed a question on Twitter about the perfect PBJ. 

Shortly after, Donovan Mitchell replied: 0% Peanut Butter 100% Jelly. 


Ok ok ok. Deep breaths. Let me break this down, calmly and logically. 

There are exactly three ingredients in a PB&J sandwich. Three.

PB. Jelly. Bread. 

Does not matter what kind of peanut butter you choose. Crunchy? Creamy? That organic stuff you have to store in the fridge? Nope. As long as it’s in the PB category, you’re good. Jelly? LOTS of debate on Grape vs. Strawberry vs. Raspberry. Many choices here. Bread? Choose whatever the hell you want. Wonderbread. Something high end. I’ll even consider PB&J on a bagel a PB&J sando, as long as you have some carb based flat to spread your PB and J on.

So when Spider says 100% jelly? GTFO  

I GET IT. You don’t like Peanut Butter. No crime against that. But you know what? If you hate PB? YOU DO NOT GET A SAY IN A PB&J DEBATE. Your opinion does not matter. You do not like a full 33% of the ingredients in the most simple sandwich known to man. YOU EAT JELLY SANDWICHES. Just admit it, like the madman you are. You just like Toast with Jelly.

Basketball players are known for eating PBJ sandwiches pregame and the peanut butter is supposed to be the healthy ingredient to add protein and cut the sweetness of the jelly. I can only imagine how much shit Donovan Mitchell gets from his PBJ dealer when he says PBJ and hold the J. 

My personal choice is 65% PB (natural sugar-free crunchy) and 35% strawberry jam on classic white bread. That’s a perfect PB&J. 

Jelly sandwiches? HARD PASS 

D Wade even roasted Donovan for his incredibly awful take. 

We break down Spider’s PB&J take as well as Shaq coming for his head on TNT right after the game on the latest episode of This League. New episodes out Monday afternoons and Friday mornings. 

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