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Remember The Fordham Coach That Decided To Go Barefoot And Shirtless At Practice For No Apparent Reason? Shockingly, He Just Got Fired

That shirtless and barefoot man believe it or not was the head coach of Fordham basketball. I use past tense here because he was just fired. Shocking, I know. 

That 1-7 start might be eye-opening, but it's hardly the reason he got fired. He simply can't win. He went 61-104 in the 5+ seasons he was head coach. He was even worse in the A-10 going 25-69. That's hard to do, even at Fordham. If that's not enough, they had talent in the system who transferred away. Eric Paschall? Pretty good player! Joseph Chartouny? Not too shabby. Those are just the two big names and naturally they never recruited to fill those spots. Trust me, I get that Fordham isn't the easiest place to recruit but it's still A-10 basketball and you're in a hotbed of recruiting. You should be able to get 1 decent guy a class. A guy who can contribute from day 1 for four years.

 Look across the A-10. Dayton, VCU, Saint Louis, St. Bonaventure, Saint Joe's and Richmond all have had varying levels of success. Fordham hasn't made the NCAA Tournament since 1992 in a league where they typically get multi-bids. Shit they've only had TWO winning seasons since that Tournament. That's almost impossible. You get buy-games. You luck into a couple wins. All you have to do is win 17 games or so a year. That's not asking much. 

I don't know, man. There's gotta be some reason to be shirtless and barefoot at practice besides being on a major bender. I still want a full investigation into this. Did he lose a bet? Was he trying to prove a point? Either way Spider deserves better. He deserves to watch decent basketball at Fordham.