Vols Coaching Search Day 8: I'm Headed to Stake Out the Airport

As Tennessee's coaching search has extended another day, the flight tracking has reached a fever pitch. Everybody is scrambling trying to find any private flights which could be of significance.

Well, it just so happens that a day after there were some rumblings about James Franklin being contacted for the job, there are planes from Knoxville, State College and Atlanta — where the search firm UT has enlisted is headquartered — all landing in Teterboro, New Jersey at about the same time. That airport just happens to be 13 miles from where I'm sitting right now.

So I'm headed over the state line for a bit of a good, old-fashioned stakeout. Is it possible I get the first glimpse of Franklin and Tennessee AD Danny White shaking hands after a deal well-struck? Only time will tell. I'll see y'all live on Twitter in a little bit to see what we can find out.

It could be nothing or it could be everything. That's the beauty of Tennessee coaching searches, baby.