REPORT: Our Very Own Caleb Pressley Is Not Confident In Billy Football Heading Into Rough N Rowdy


As you might know, our own Billy Football is fighting Jose Canseco (still a remarkable thing to type. I mean it's Jose Canseco. Crazy.) at the upcoming Rough N Rowdy, next Friday live from West Virginia.



I personally am eagerly anticipating this brawl. In one corner you have the young, athletic, psychopath William Pigskin III. I've worked with this guy. I've played Jenga with this guy. I've shared protein bars with this guy.

And then in the other corner you have old, formerly athletic, psychopath Jose Canseco. What Jose lacks in mobility he makes up for by having the arms the size of tree trunks.



And name drops in Liar, Liar.



So it's pretty crazy they are fighting each other with $100,000 on the line. Oh yeah, did we mention that? $100,000 to the winner!

I say all of that to say this- early reports have bad news for Billy Football.

First, Billy said this:



To which Jose replied:



Say it ain't so, Caleb! 

For background, Caleb has been out in Vegas this week at the Canseco training facility, covering the fight as only he can.



So as a professional journalist myself, I reached out to Caleb for comment about his faith in Billy leading up to the fight. The results, they might shock you:



So the reports are true. Apparently Caleb saw something in Jose's training that makes him very worried for our young Billiam. Yikes.

But there's always the chance Jose no-shows, right? 



Think again, Pigskin. 

Caleb the true professional he is, wanted to tell everyone one last thing:






So there you have it. Billy vs Jose. RnR. Next Friday. $100k. CP likes Jose it seems, who you got?