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Power Moves Only: The King Of Thailand Made His Top Mistress The Second Queen For Her Birthday Gift

[Source] - THE PLAYBOY King of Thailand has made his mistresses his second queen as her birthday present despite her 1,400 "leaked naked selfies".

King Maha Vajiralongkorn, 68, reportedly crowned Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi as Queen on her 36th birthday.

I turn 36 in just a couple years and I can guarantee I won't get anything cool like this. I'll probably get some random t-shirt or something from my kid and maybe a new lob wedge if I'm lucky. Who am I kidding, I'll get nothing because nobody gives a shit about 36th birthdays unless you're in Thailand and a head mistress. Now let me be very clear here, I'm not exactly what you call up to date with my knowledge of Thailand and the royal affairs there. But apparently you can just name someone the second queen. Seems like a hell of a move to pull, a power move if I say so myself. 

Now this has been quite a relationship. There has been accusations of revenge: 

The King (note the respect, not calling him the guy or the dude) self-isolated with 20 girlfriends and a bunch of servants

Now he's just naming a mistress the second queen. It's not even like the first queen can say anything, it's his fourth wife. Plus, I think if you say even something remotely negative you just go to prison. I'd prefer to avoid prison in Thailand. Would also prefer to avoid a flight to Thailand. That's just way too long to be in the sky. I have zero desire to be in an airplane for that long. 

Granted, we're not kings here, but having two wives just seems like too much work. Think about all the little shit you get in trouble for now if you're married. You load the dishwasher wrong. You're too noisy getting into bed after one too many bourbons after watching your team lose. Now you gotta attempt to keep two women happy? Sure, you're the king and really what you say goes, but I assume you do a little bit to keep them happy. Again, too much work. I want to get by that part of life doing the minimal. Just stay the course and keep expectations low. 

Here's the real question - how the hell do you top this birthday gift? What do you do when she turns 37? Feel like this is the classic oversell early on in a relationship. Pretty soon it's buying flowers the morning of because you forgot the date.