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Tim Hardaway Jr. Doesn't Care That Jamal Murray Punched Him Right In The Nuts Because The Mavs Lost The Game Anyways

[Source] - "Just playing the game and I guess [Murray] was just frustrated that they didn't call a foul," Hardaway said. "I was trying to do the best I can to deny the ball. The rest speaks for itself. It happens in the game. It sucks, but it doesn't even matter at this point. We lost."

I don't know why but this response from Tim Hardaway just makes me laugh. Dude got an uppercut right to the nads but 'it happens in the game.' Just shaking it off like nothing happened at all because the Mavs lost. Such a shame they lost, would be a bigger shame if they miss the playoffs and the Knicks get that unprotected lottery pick. A real shame indeed. I'm not even sure what Murray was upset about besides not getting a foul call. That happens all the time. Now if Hardaway stepped over him or dunked on him, sure, you could understand the embarrassment and leading to a punch to the family jewels. But this? This is no reason to hit a man there. 

My favorite thing though when it comes to nut punches is Julius Hodge. The moment someone gets hit in the nuts people immediately start tweeting at Julius Hodge and he starts to trend. Why? Because of this. 

There might not be someone known for something more random than Julius Hodge and nut punches. He even tweeted last night assuming Chris Paul did it again! 

Just straight to the point and framing it like we're watching The Night Stalker documentary. Did he strike again? Nope, it was just a completely different player hitting someone in the nuts. Hodge was even a hell of a player at NC State, but people first think of a nut punch. Sucks, but that's the way the world works in the Internet age. This happened pre-Twitter and everything but it still lives in infamy. 

Pretty ahem ballsy call by the ref here saying it was clear and obvious. Oh what gave it away? I need to know what the refs talked about during the review. It's hard not to let out a little giggle and a grimace watching someone get hit in the nuts, but you gotta make the call. See ya, Jamal. Also just don't punch dudes in the nuts during games.