The Barstool Fund - Irish Eyes Pub (Thanks To Coors Light)

Thank you to Coors Light for their 100k donation to help cover our next business, Irish Eyes Pub (New Windsor, NY).

Irish Eyes is a family owned Irish Pub since 2003. They have a lovely staff, an awesome environment, and even better food. They have a lot to offer including an extensive food menu and full bar.



Reader Email

Dear Dave Portnoy and The Barstool Relief Fund,

First I would like to say thank you for this incredible and extremely generous opportunity you are providing for my family and I. 

Our Covid-19 Story..

In the few months prior to Covid-19 my father, Jesse McMahon, passed away suddenly due to a heart attack. He came home from work and was sitting on the couch in our family room when he stopped breathing in front of my sisters and mother. My family and multiple first responders worked for an hour in our home to save my father however nothing could bring him back to us. He took his last breath while my sisters, age 23 and 22, performed CPR, watching him pass. My father worked in a union, being a member of Local 456 Teamsters. He provided over 2/3 of our family’s income. Because he only worked as a Teamster for 3.5 years and did not make it to the 4th year  they took away his pension, leaving us with nothing.

My mother, Jane McMahon owns a local small business, Irish Eyes Pub and Restaurant, in New Windsor New York. She started this business in 2003 and has worked 80 hour work weeks, 7 days a week just to provide for my family. Once Covid-19 happened, our Governor, Andrew Cuomo, decided to close indoor dining the day before Saint Patrick’s day. Saint Patrick’s day is our busiest day of the year, being an Irish Restaurant. We prepare by buying four times the amount of food, liquor, beer, and wine. We also rent a tent for outdoors, a bar, and heating systems. When Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to close our doors the day prior, we lost that day of business, all of the extra food and drinks and wasted our money on the heaters, bar, and tents.  After this day we proceeded to do takeout only, because it was our only option for my mother to make a living and provide for my sisters and I. Takeout, as you could imagine is not enough money to keep our business running and also feed our family. My mother hasn’t received a pay check since March 2020 and has been struggling to afford our home, and restaurant. 


In late March my mother and sisters were diagnosed with Covid-19. My sisters thankfully did not have severe symptoms however my mother was hospitalized. She recovered a few weeks later but because she was so sick we had no option but to close our doors for the time being.  Our restaurant is not large, therefore when Governor Andrew Cuomo finally allowed for indoor dining he only set a limit to 25% capacity. This meant we would not make enough money to pay workers, and bills if we stayed open. As a result we waited until the capacity was 50%. We opened our doors and my mother has been putting her blood, sweat, and tears into running Irish Eyes and earning as much money as she can. She works as a bartender, and a cook.

Unfortunately this is not enough. We have no choice but to sell our home, and move into a condominium. I am asking you for help because our Governor has left us with no other options. My parents raised us girls to work for everything we have at a young age however even the freedom of making a living has been taken from us. 

I hope and pray this email finds you and you can open your heart into helping our family survive.  I am exceptionally grateful for this opportunity and I thank you for being so generous in offering your own personal earnings. 

With deep gratitude, Ava Sabini