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Victor Oladipo Thinks He's Playing Good This Year Because He Had A .. Wait For It ... Funeral For His Injured Knee

[Source] - On the eve of his 2020-21 NBA preseason finale in December, Victor Oladipo participated in a funeral for his injured knee.

With the help of Thomas and his team, whom Oladipo hired as his sports psychologists at the start of the 2020-21 season, Oladipo wrote a letter titled, "Saying Goodbye" before listening to a prayer from Thomas. Then, he went outside his Indiana home and burned the piece of paper, ready to put the injury behind him.

Listen there's no denying a couple things here. First, obviously, Oladipo suffered a HORRIFIC injury. I still remember being able to hear him scream as he just crumbled to the court. It was disgusting. You knew right away something was real bad. Second, you can't deny that athletes operate in weird ways. They always need some sort of mental edge to push them over, it's a huge part of every sport. 

But, uh, a funeral for your injured knee? This is all I can think about

I want to start doing shit like this for the blogging world. Rough day blogging? Going to hold a funeral for my recliner (when my new one comes in). That'll get rid of the bad juju and start new. Maybe print out the blogs and hold a funeral for them. Sounds crazy, right? That's why sports are the dumbest, best thing in the world. There's always shit going on like this and everyone just sort of nods along like yeah, anything to get over that mental hurdle! 

It's working though I guess. Oladipo is averaging over 20 a game and improved his averages for points, assists and rebounds. I need to know more about the funeral though. Did they sing On Eagle's Wings? That might be the 2nd saddest song ever behind Christmas Shoes. Sorry, I don't feel like listening to a song about mom's dying. Prefer that not to happen. Either way, there's the secret to having a bounceback year. Have a funeral for something and bam you're fixed.