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You Know What, I'm Just Gonna Say It: I Reeeeeeally Like Wandavision And Think We Are All Going To End Up Loving It By The Time It's Over

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OK, so that headline may have been considered more of a hot take after Disney gave us two 20 minute black and white TV episodes as the first piece of Disney MCU content released after Endgame. I can only imagine how people whose first experience with the MCU was a homage to golden oldie sitcoms with Easter eggs that only the most diehard of diehard comic books fans would spot.

But after getting a few more breadcrumbs dropped on the ground and seeing a brief glimpse of the puzzle that is being put together as The Monkees gently played in the background, I am convinced this show is going to be everything we hoped it would be and more. This isn't a True Detective situation where the best stories will be the theories that end up on a Reddit board, even though there have been some DOOZIES already.

Not to mention that Paul Bettany teased the fuck out of a potential incredible scene that will cause our minds to explode like Wanda did Vision once upon a time…

Too soon? That felt too soon.

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Yeah, too soon.

I truly believe that this show started off slowly but is going to reach a fever pitch extremely quickly that results in all of us looking like this as we see all that Wanda is going through in a Post-Thanos world.

Yeah, that was definitely too soon. Sorry Bob.

This show may require some patience and thinking, which is something many of us don't have after the last year. But 20 minutes of commercial free content with some good acting, heavy nostalgia and some potential seeds being buried that can blossom into big time Marvel storylines shouldn't be too much of an ask considering we don't have much else to do with our time.

Anyway, on today's My Mom's Basement we break down everything that happened in episode 3 of Wandavision, tip our caps to the fire 70s decor and fits, come to the conclusion that my guy Herb is extremely sus, and try to figure out where things go from here while acknowledging everything will be good not matter how badly they end up for the characters because we #TrustTheFeige.