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Do Cross-Country Skiers Need Enforcers? You're Goddamn Right They Do

You guys get a chance to watch the Alexander Bolshunov race this weekend? Who am I kidding--of course you did. Nobody could possibly miss out on the top-ranked cross-country skier on the planet do what he does best. 

But just as the Bolsh Man was about to make his pass at the finish line to take the silver medal in this World Cup relay, some jabroni from Finland comes in front of him cuts him off. Like my guy OC in Miracle said, "That pansy over there cheap shots me. I get tossed out of the game. He steals the ring right off my finger! How would you feel?" 


BOOM! He hit that fella with the full force of the iron curtain. From Russia with love. 

And that just goes to show that sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands. Sometimes you gotta get your ass out there and police the game yourself. I doubt Alexander Bolshunov will ever get cut off again in a race now that everybody knows they'll get truck sticked into next week if they piss him off. Which is exactly why cross-country skiing needs enforcers out there. Because as we're all incredibly aware of, Bolshunov shouldn't be doing this himself. He's too busy trying to win medals. Throw an enforcer out there to take care of all the dirty work for him.