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Here's A Steady Fill Of Greg Maddux Two Seam Fastballs To Kill A Few Minutes Of Your Monday Afternoon

I've watched this little reel like 10x this morning and am just gaping in awe. It should be a physical impossibility to make the ball move like that. I mean that very literally too. These pitches defy the rules of gravity and physics and it is a nice reminder of what baseball used to be. You just don't see pitchers like him anymore. Kyle Hendricks would be the closest thing we have to a Greg Maddux right now - 87-88MPH with WICKED movement. Just absolute wiffleballl shit:

That's Greg Maddux, but with a 5 ounce baseball. Just incredible.

I've heard stories about center fielders playing behind Maddux and laughing to the point of tears because of how bad Maddux would make hitters look. Just knee buckling shit and it lead to these stats:

Crazytown numbers. We might not ever see a 300 game winner again and Maddux had 355 of them. "But WSD, wins don't mean shit you idiot!"

Giphy Images.

Ummm yes they do over the course of 20+ seasons. 

Check him out on PMT too. Great interview. Dude was hilarious.