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The United States Navy Turned A Taylor Swift Song Into A Sea Shanty And I Begrudgingly Love It

I’m a huge fan of the sea shanty movement. I’m not a huge fan of the military bands or singing groups or at least I wasn’t. I wanna hate on this. I really do but I can’t. I’m glad that in a time that sucks for so many service members that they folks got to goof around and get some chuckles from the lads and lasses as they sailed the high seas of collective miserableness.

I’m a firm believer that the Navy should for real sing sea shanties while underway. Yo Ho yo Ho a pirates life for me, indeed. Can’t say Ho tho. We don’t pirate slut shame now and we didn’t in 2017. You can blow anyone you want. It’s your mouth!

Stop singing them so fancy tho. No one wants to hear that shit. Give it some soul! Give it some life! Like they did in Congress!