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I Don't Think Rick Ross Knows What Greater Than And Less Than Signs Mean

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Last night was the night of musical Twitter feuds. We went in a bit of a reverse order, as the main event of Taylor Swift v Nicki Minaj came before the undercard of Meek Mill v Drake. But, essentially Meek Mill went on a tear for apparently no reason saying that Drake doesn’t write his own music. To be honest this one wasn’t even really a twitter war, as Drake didn’t respond. Might’ve been making a Hells Bells video or just may not have cared and took it like me screaming that Pres doesn’t write his own blogs. But the real comedy came when Ross jumped in to tweet “Drake >>>>> Meek” then quickly delete it and replace it with Meek is speaking facts.


Unbelievably hysterical. Can just see his face when one of his boys leaned over and let him know Hey Ricky, that means greater than. Like, better than. Still not getting it huh? What I’m saying is you just said you like Drake more than you like Meek. Not sure why I expected more out of Ross but it made me laugh out loud. “Let me get my boy’s back real quick. I’ll hit Drake with that little sideways v symbol. Not even sure what it means, think it’s that Meek is eating Drake up right now? CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP you ghostwriter having pussy!” Then just fired away with slamming the send button. And I respect that, Rick and I don’t need editors. We don’t need to give a second read before we post something. We’re gunslingers. Shoot first, make edits when we fuck up like idiots and everyone makes fun of us second. Posting shit right off your fingertips <<<< revisions.