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Meat Sweats With Jordie: Don't You Dare Let Me Catch You Throwing Out Brisket Scraps Ever Again

Beef tallow isn't anything that you're going to wow your friends and family with when you make it. To be perfectly honest, they're not going to give a single shit about you rendering a batch of beef fat. Sure, they'll love it when you present them with a perfectly smoked brisket, a few racks of fall-off-the-bone ribs, and a giant pulled pork sando. But beef tallow? Well this isn't something to you make for you. 

1) It's a great way to stop wasting money by throwing out all the fat you have to trim off your brisket before throwing it on the smoker. 2) Because you can then use that beef tallow the next time you're going to make fried chicken. Because quite literally the only way to make fried chicken better is to fry it in beef fat. And 3) I'll show you another way to use it in another video a few weeks from now. 

While this may not be the sexiest item to make in barbecue, it's a necessary one if you want to step your game up. So don't you dare let me catch any of you throwing away your brisket trimmings ever again. Because why throw that money away in the trash if you just turn it into some liquid gold in a few hours on a Saturday afternoon?

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