Shaq's Insecure Feud With Donovan Mitchell Now Includes Bizarre Instagram Posts And DM's

I have no idea what Shaq is doing this year. It's not shocking because we all know Shaq is one of the most insecure greats of all time. Shit, great might even be an undersell. He's in what I assume is everyone's top-10 list of all time. That's beyond great. But so far this year he's just randomly talking shit about Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. Listen, I'm by no means a Jazz fan or a Gobert fan, but how do you take a shot at Mitchell? Gobert I get, because Shaq will talk shit about any and every single big that ever plays the game of basketball. 

I said this before, but it doesn't even make sense what Shaq is saying about Donovan Mitchell. Donovan Mitchell has improved his scoring every single year in the league. He's improved his 3pt shooting every single year. Assists have gone up every single year. Fuck, he even averaged THIRTY SIX points per game in the playoffs last year. For seven games against a good ass Nuggets team, where the Jazz were underdogs, he put up 36 a game.


Naturally Shaq took to Instagram. First, he posted this bizarre post: 

Nobody is calling Donovan Mitchell an all-time great. No one is putting him in the same category as LeBron, Kobe or Wade. It makes no sense. I can always appreciate some passive aggressive bullshit, but it has to make a little sense. Then he even slid into the DM's telling someone to shut their ass up. 

This was posted: 


It's literally the same post minus the dubstep pulsating. But what does Shaq do? Slide into the DM's of the dude who made it: 


I don't hope, I need Barkley to go off on Inside the NBA about this. Just keep talking about how great Donovan Mitchell is and how he'd dunk on Shaq. Do it, Chuck.