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My Name Is YP And I Am Back In The Office

Thank you to Willie and Large for having me on Barstool Radio and shooting the shit.  I had to take care of some business and now am back in action here at HQ and really excited to be here.  We have a great season of Barstool Outdoors filmed and getting ready to launch.  Trappin Beavers, pulling Swordfish up from 2,000 feet deep, Hunting Feral Hogs with knives and rifles, and everything in between.  Plus we have all kinds of guests from Steve Rinella and Mike Iaconelli to Stanley Cup Champs like Pat Maroon and Alex Killorn.  Another cool edition is we have a culinary element in this season that hasn't been explored before on this show.  What does Iguana taste like and how do you clean it and cook it?   Well we're going to find out. 

I'm sure I'll take quite a beating this week and I'm here for it.  If I'm alive after it all I will be extremely happy.  Being back in the office feels completely normal, believe it or not.  Feitelberg is still singing to himself at his desk, KFC came in and ripped off a merch promo in pretty much stride before he even set his bag down, and there is so many boxes/clothes/trash on my desk even I was impressed.  There are also approximately one billion new paintings and art installations of Dave and they all seem to be staring at me with hatred.  Literally look at the view from my desk...

Everytime I look up I flinch.  Like some sort of day-trading T.J. Eckleberg staring directly through my soul (I had to google that reference to be fully transparent, but shoutout to my English teacher, Ms. Lotz, for the initial lesson).  Other than that, I’ve pushed the pull doors at least twice, walked out and almost got steamrolled by a car while looking the wrong way (might’ve saved me some pain actually), and done at least 7 halfway fistbumps that fade into a hesitant wave.  I also took 2 separate COVID tests to make sure I was negative and not patient zero for some giant office outbreak.  I can't think of a worse way to re-acclimate to your co-workers than to get everyone sick and I'm praying these negative tests are accurate.  Every fist bump this morning I kept envisioning myself in the ending from Contagion.

Check out some of the How-To videos we've been putting out every Tuesday and get ready for a ton more stuff coming this week.  While I've been off the grid personally, I've been running the Outdoors socials and working on this new season a ton, so if you are interested, please check out our Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok pages.  Here is one where I stung myself with a Man O' War, really high level scientific stuff. 

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