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Budweiser Is Sitting Out The Super Bowl This Year, But Here Are The Top 10 Super Bowl Budweiser Commercials Of All Time


I mean, you can't really argue with that. If Budweiser wants to use their marketing dollars to support Covid vaccine awareness and access, good for them. And thank you Budweiser. I was just chopping it up at the water cooler the other day with some coworkers, and literally none of them knew there was a vaccine coming out. A few hadn't even heard of the virus! So thank you for helping spread the awareness. But anyways, kind gesture, but this is a sad day for the American people. Budweiser has brought the heat in Super Bowls for as long as I can remember. 

**Also, let's be clear that the higher ups at Budweiser are not idiots. This "not using advertising dollars" story will actually get them more advertising than had they actually made commercials. 

Top 10 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

10. Secret Fridge

9. Copier Salesman

8. Zebra Official

7. Puppy Love

6. Dog Sitter

5. Lost Dog

4. Referee Training

3. Clydesdales (2002 - 9/11 Tribute)

2. Frogs

1. Wasssssup