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Tom Brady And Gronk: Still Bad Boys For Life


What a year for the greatest QB and greatest TE to ever play their respective positions.

There were A LOT of golden memes flying around yesterday but leave it to TB12 to go back to the well and bless us with the 2021 remix

As seen before in 2019 where Big Rob stole the show with his shit eating grin

The force has been restored. Let’s have a week everybody!

p.s- people forget how fire that Diddy “The Saga Continues” album was... they also forget a gelled-up Gaylord Focker appeared in the music video.

(Fun fact - Dave Navarro played the famous guitar riff on the track and also appeared in the video)

people also forget their was a remix (because of course there was) featuring Busta, and M.O.P.