This List Of Players The Pittsburgh Pirates Have Traded Away Since 2017 Should Make Pirates Fans Sick

Sheeeesh, look at that list of players that the Pittsburgh Pirates have traded since the 2017 season. That is a ton of talent. Of course it was topped off with the Jamison Taillon trade to the Yankees over the weekend, but this is an insane list that should make any baseball fan in the Steel City sick. That's a good baseball city, they love their Buccos. They have an all time ballpark with one of the best views in sports, fantastic colors, the history to back it up. But man has their ownership proved to not give a shit recently. Just look at those names they have shipped out. 

Their farm system isn't great, but it isn't terrible either. Obviously they've added a ton of prospects in their past few trades, and they've got some guys at the top of their rankings that are going to be MLB studs in Nick Gonzales, Ke'Bryan Hayes, and Oneil Cruz. You'd think they would have wanted a few of those guys they shipped out to be around a young core like that to build for the future, but you're wrong.

Obviously they couldn't keep all those players, but just imagine if they had held onto Cole, and Glasnow, and McCutchen, and Austin Meadows, and Joe Musgrave, and Josh Bell, and Starling Marte. Decent core there! They've got former Red Sox General Manager, Ben Cherington leading the ship now, and he's done some good stuff in the past. But this is an uphill battle it seems. Fans for sure don't seem too happy with the direction of the team. I know Cherington wasn't here for this trade, but the Tyler Glasnow and Austin Meadows for Chris Archer trade may go down as one of the all time bad trades. They're basically a farm system for the top teams in baseball. The Astros and Rays have absolutely fleeced the Buccos in trades recently. 

I almost feel bad for the fans up there, because like I said before, they deserve a good team in that ballpark. They deserve a team with a plan for the future. If you're a prospect in the Pirates organization you basically have to wake up everyday thinking it could be your last day as a Pirate because who knows if you'll be added to that list in that tweet. Pray for the Pirates.