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Southern Charm’s Madison Lecroy Comes for Jay Cutler…With Receipts

So Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari both posted the same instagram this weekend with the same caption. Sent the internet into a frenzy to try and find out what it meant.

“The world is full of users.” Interesting. If you’ve been following along the last few months you know that Kristin has had a friendship with Austen and Craig from Bravo’s Southern Charm. There were a lot of dating rumors around Austen and Kristin. Then Madison (Austen’s ex) got involved on social media with Jay and it was all very confusing. Apparently Madison went live on IG this weekend and was talking openly about Jay/being with Jay. I’m guessing that was the catalyst for Jay and Kristin to post that instagram. Fans thought maybe they were getting back together but that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Madison certainly did not stay silent. She COMMENTED on the instagram first, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. The comment seems like she was just trying to make the world know she was involved with Jay? She posted this Instagram with the caption “unbothered” and the location at Nunya Business. She also tagged her plastic surgeon on her chest. I can respect that.

THEN…Sunday morning she shared the receipts. She posted screenshots of texts with Jay on her IG story.

It certainly looks like Madison may have deleted some of her own messages but in the last screenshot she covered one very key word. She wrote back to Jay, “If you weren’t interested in something real you shouldn’t have ____ with me.” She covered that word but the first two letter look like s and l so…I’m guessing so wrote slept. Things getting very messy. 

For the FULL recap of all the drama listen to today’s Chicks In The Office episode here: