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The Worst Clichés In All Of Sports. YUCK.


Good, you flew that guy in from California first class, put him up at a hotel for fucking 3 days, gave him a per diem a day and pay him a million dollars a year for that fucking analysis. (13:42)

Make every game 7 innings. Fuck all those old guys that are baseball purists. (14:00)

Ding Dong Johnson sounds like a fucking porn name. (15:47)

7 minutes left in the fourth quarter and the announcer going, "there's a lot of football left to be played." There isn't. There's 7 minutes left that's not a lot. 3 minutes into the first quarter there's a lot of football to be played. (17:17) 

He's the first one in the building and the last one out. Is he? Does he have a fucking key to the place? (19:30) 

But bringing his A game, does that mean there are 25 other types of games he could've brung? Like if a player has a really shitty day shouldn't they go he really brought his Y or Z game today? (22:26)

On paper, they're the team to beat. Then why don't you play the game on paper then? (23:24)

This game is all mental. Is it? Then why do these guys spend 5 hours a day working out and training? They shouldn't be going to a gym, they should be going to a therapist if it's all mental. (24:10)

Defense wins championships. Then it's kind of stupid for all these teams to spend millions of dollars on quarterbacks then. Why even have an offense? (25:06)

You still have to score points to win. No team has ever won a game zero to -7. (25:30)

He took that one for the team. Did he? Then why's he the only one laying on the ground in pain? (25:58)

Anyone that would say team 40 burger or buy one of those t-shirts, no QUESTION about it, is one of those fucking nerds that plays fantasy football. (35:55)

I'd rather my team not score the winning touchdown if I had to use the word 'tuddy' to describe what they just did. (38:55)

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