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Let Me Be The First To Welcome Matthew Stafford To The Washington Football Team


This is actually perfect. The ask for Deshaun Watson is apparently going to be as high as a star player and multiple first round picks. I'd love to have Deshaun in DC. I think we become instant Super Bowl contenders with him on the team. I'd gladly give 3 first rounders for him right this second, but I'm not positive the new regime is going to be trigger happy to do that, and especially not if the Texans start getting cheeky and ask for something like Chase Young and multiple firsts. While even that trade might not be as crazy as it might initially seem (FRANCHISE QUARTERBACKS ARE SO IMPORTANT!!!), I cannot see it happening.

Enter: Matthew Stafford.

The guy wants out of Detroit after wasting a pretty good career there. Can't blame him. And Washington is a perfect landing spot. A first and a few mid rounders? Absolutely worth it for the 32 year old. That's not even that old, I'm 32! He's coming off a 4,000 yard, 26 TD season. The guy can straight up play quarterback, even in the worst conditions (sorry Lions fans, I don't know how you do it, and I'm a fucking WFT fan). 


4 years of Stafford in DC make perfect sense. Yes, I want Deshaun. But no, I do not think it's possible. Stafford can win a Super Bowl. He will instantly have weapons like McLaurin and Gibson who would kill to play with a guy with the arm strength and accuracy of Stafford. Bring in another WR and this team is solid on both sides of the ball. It makes perfect, 100% sense.

If the ask for Stafford is too big, obviously you have to weigh the options (Kyle Allen? Heinicke? Drafting another first round QB? 1 legged Alex Smith?). Stafford puts an end to all the questions. And this isn't Donovan McNabb 2.0. Stafford wasn't skipping balls in the dirt last season, he was still throwing dimes. I'm in on him. MS2DC.