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Checking In On Jerry Stackhouse After Vandy Got Its Ass Kicked - He Threw His Team Under The Bus And Compared Himself To Hall Of Famer John Calipari

What the fuck is Stack doing here? Bro you coach at VANDERBILT. Outside of one random year, you're the joke of the SEC. It's almost insulting that Vandy is even in the SEC (make your academics joke here). They don't provide anything in either sport besides Jay Cutler. And who the fuck do you think you are comparing yourself to Coach Cal and Vandy to Kentucky? You are 15-28 for your coaching career. Sure you might have been a great player, but you're a 15-28 coach. You're not a Hall of Famer like John Calipari. For as shitty as Kentucky is, they have as many wins in the SEC this season alone as you have for your career. 

I do love his very hypocritical line to throw a guy under the bus too. 'You hate to point out one guy ... BUT' and just immediately goes off about how he had to bench Myles Stute. I don't know man, maybe you guys just suck. The best team you beat this year is 215th ranked Valpo. Also love when he says it's on him only to immediately correct himself and say there's no one on the roster that want to accept the pressure of winning. 

Let me be clear - I don't have a problem if a coach addresses someone fucking up a bunch. Like if Cal was like 'yeah Olivier Sarr is awful offensively and the stats prove it (they do)' I'd listen and nod. But at the same time he'd better be taking blame for playing him that many minutes and deciding to run the offense through him. It's a two-way street here. You got guys that need to be held accountable and coaches need to admit they fucked up. Too often it's just one way or another. 

All I know is don't ever fucking compare yourself to a Hall of Famer in John Calipari until you are well over .500.