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True Love Exists! Looks Like Jay Cutler And Kristin Cav Are Working Things Out

I was having a bad night last night. I had to cancel plans on account of eating too much chili. I was watching the Blackhawks against the Red Wings on purpose, and then all of a sudden a ray of light appeared on my instagram feed in the middle of a cold, black, winter night. JayCav together. America's true first family gathering around the kitchen island the way America always wanted and the way TMZ always intended. The QB and the reality star. One post by Jay followed by an immediate and identical post by Kristin

Folks, if that isn't a declaration of love in 2021 then I don't know what is. The haters and doubters, of which there are many(one) on my timeline this morning have tried to say it's a stunt

Does Courtney bring up some good points? Yes, of course. My rebuttle:

If rooting for love and reconciliation is wrong then I don't want to be right. I want to believe in something. I always believed in Jay and I am not going to stop now. 

PS: My actual mood about all of this