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Carmelo Anthony Referring To Himself As "Me7o" To Kristaps Porzingis On Draft Night Is The Most Melo Thing Ever


Bleacher Report- Carmelo Anthony reached out to me after I got drafted. He said, “Congrats, welcome to the team.” I didn’t have his number, so I texted back, “Who’s this?” And then a few minutes later, he said, “This is Melo” with his No. 7 as the “l.” I met him actually when I came for my Knicks tryout for the first time. We’ve talked a couple of times since then.

Every rookie has his own “Welcome to the NBA” moment.  Either he gets schooled by some veteran or dunked on by a superstar in a game.  Luckily Kristaps Porzingis got his moment out of the way on draft night.  Because having the franchise player of the team you just got drafted to refer to himself in the 4th person is patently ridiculous (4th person = Referring to yourself in the 3rd person but using a completely ridiculous/lazy nickname instead).  People can debate whether or not Melo is a superstar all day.  But referring to himself as Me7o in text messages definitely tells me that he still acts like a superstar.  So at least we have baby steps in the right direction. And you know that his phone autocorrects anything that starts with “Me..” to Me7o.  What a son of a bitch.

KFC Editor’s note – You know the Big Zingis even thinks using a 7 for an L is ridiculous because thats the only reason you tell the press that. If you’re just telling the story about how you didnt know who it was, you tell everyone “He said ‘This is Melo.” But if you include the tidbit that he refers to his name as Me7o that means you think his nicknames sucks. This is Zingis’ town now anyway.