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Larry King Demanded To Be Frozen Like Ted Williams

RIPIP to an absolute legend of the broadcasting game. Larry King is in that upper echelon of fame. One of those guys who has been famous for so long it's going to be hard to picture a world without him. His suspenders, glasses, and signature gruff, Brooklyn voice leaning over a microphone sitting across from literally anyone. I'd wager 5% of the people reading this ever even watched his shows, but you don't have to think for more than a second when you hear his name. The type of famous where the persona was bigger than the person. When tv shows, movies, cartoons, etc., need a generic music star, they tend to end up looking like Prince. Rock star? Elvis. TV host? Larry King was always at the top of the list, and I don't picture that changing any time soon.

I'm harping on his celebrity because a few years back he went on CONAN and demanded to be frozen when his time came. 

Seeing as that's today, I want to make sure we're not taking our eye off the ball. Not everyone deserves to be frozen in hopes of reanimation. That would be chaos. Can you imagine if everyone could be regenerated down the road? We already have too many people as it stands. If every Tom, Dick and Harry was immortal there would be no point to immortality. Ted Williams? War hero, all time slugger, that's a guy who gets to have his head sewn on to a perfectly healthy body when the technology finally exists. Larry King certainly put in enough work to get another crack at it. I'm not even saying he has to come back and immediately start interviewing the stars of the times. You die and come back you get to do whatever the hell you want with life number two. That feels fair. If he wants to slap some suspenders on and start a podcast, that's his call. He wants to get married nine more times, then go get after it, King! But if we're going to keep freezing people to an exclusive club then King's gotta be in there. It's our duty to make sure his wish is fulfilled and that Conan is somewhere stuffing him into a freezer right this second.