The Barstool Fund - Jackbar

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Jackbar is Brooklyn’s premiere dive bar and pin ball destination. While they’re trying to hold strong, 8 months have come and gone, with no clear end in sight. Their backup operating capital is depleted — and they need your help now.



Reader Email

We are a popular dive bar w a large selection of well-curated Pinball Machines. They are Owner operated and Maintained from my personal collection. This bar is the summation of my life’s hard work, and means the world to me. The business was spun off of my well known and community-loved Skateboard shop/Pinball arcade called Reciprocal Skateboards in the E.Village of NYC. We are also a main hub of a large Pinball League and a neighborhood favorite drinking spot. We have suffered through this entire shutdown as, we can’t set up outdoor seating due to us having a fire hydrant directly out front of our establishment. Also, no one plays pinball or confesses to a bartender outdoors. We’ve received no assistance so far other than a small gofundme, which has long been spent, and has fizzled out in donations. We can only hold on so much longer, and I know I share the view of hundreds of people in saying that it would be heartbreaking to see it go. And most importantly, my first born, Molly, was born on March 20th, 2020. I would like her to at least see it operate just once, so she can see what her dad did before she was born. Thank you. -Jon