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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 20


Dan Campbell:


Dan Campbell is a goddamn savage. In his introductory press conference after being hired as the Detroit Lions head coach he came out with serious hype and on a somber note, he brings to the city... Hope. Detroit hasn't been doing too well the past couple of decades, a guy like Dan Campbell saying the team is going to fight tooth and nail "Biting kneecaps off" in order to get back on its feet again. Between Dan Campbell and Dave Portnoy bringing the Barstool Fund and the Barstool Sportsbook to Michigan, Detroiter's may start to have a lot more to look forward to. Dan Campbell not only wants to bring wins to Detroit, but he also wants to bring Detroit something they can take pride in and embrace. Also would not want to play the Lions in week 1 of the regular season. Wear extra kneepads. 

Vance Mcdonald:


Vance Mcdonald has been nominated before, (an obvious side effect of being a huge football guy), and unfortunately he is retiring. As we have learned, when football guys walk away from football they come down with a certain pruritic response in their skin and whole body. This "Itch" manifests itself in many ways for retired players, in Vance Macdonald's case, his itch makes him desire to run through things while holding a football such as a wall or other farm equipment. A beautiful affliction, football has long-term side-effects that result in such unworldly symptoms. 

South Carolina Strength and Conditioning Coach Luke Day:


Lots to unpack here, first Coach Day starts off by saying he's a cold brew, not a Redbull guy (interesting as it shows the crave to be hyped but without all the calories). He then starts to quote psychologist Angela Duckworth, academia may not seem like a football guy move but this specific psychologist is an expert on Grit and self-control. By quoting Duckworth he shows that his study of grit is not just surface level. His research concluded that Grit and resilience is only measured by your most recent reference point. He then mirrors this with his personal experience of being terrible at pouring concrete while being out of the business (of Football). He continues to talk about how real grind and resilience is the act of going to pour concrete in 97-degree heat. That is the kind of grit and determination he is trying to enlist in his players. Look this guy is hype, he's a D1 strength coach and it doesn't get more hype than that. But Coach Luke Day has gone and found psychological references to back his work. The ends justify the means #footballguy. 

Victor Neilson: Cancer survivor

Look I can't not put these on the list. When a guy gets through chemo and the first thing he wants to do is to jump through a table for the love of the Buffalo Bills who am I or Big Cat and PFT to say that's not football. That sure is hell is football and this guy went off the top rope in Zubas and destroyed that table labeled cancer. He could have done so many different things after beating cancer and he decided to dedicate it to Bills mafia. #footballguy